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If you do not have the time, tools, talent, or interest in sharpening your hand plane cutting iron, I may be able to lighten your burden and help you get back to enjoying your antique tool.  I offer hand flattening, beveling, honing, stropping for your bench and block plane cutting iron. Your antique cutting iron will be hand tuned using granite reference stones and abrasives for flattening or establishing a new bevel of your desired angle.  The bevel will then be honed and polished using waters stones to 8000 grit.  Stropping to ridiculously refined levels using leather strops and ultra fine polishing compound. Secondary beveling can be added at your direction.  Your cutting iron well be returned, carefully packaged, with a mirror polish, ready to make your antique tool sing through the wood.

I can also flatten the backs and sharpen cutters for molding planes.

If you are unsure what process is best for your cutting iron, contact me and I will be happy to call and discuss options and provide recommendations.

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COMING SOON Stanley No. 9 1/2 Block Plane


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Stanley 9 1/2 block plane. Watch the transformation of the forgotten old plane back into a beautiful tool, ready to work.  The body is undergoing full restoration.

COMING SOON Dunlap 3739 Bench Plane cir. 1944-56


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This Dunlap 3739, manufactured by Millers Falls,  was another "In-House" brand sold through the Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalogs.  Dunlap bench planes were sold from 1939-1956.

COMING SOON Stanley Bailey No. 6 Type 16 cir. 1931-1932


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In process, a Stanley Bailey No. 6 Type 16 jack plane.  This solid plane will be transformed into a gorgeous work piece ready for use.

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Stanley Bailey No. 3 Type 19 cir. 1948-1961 Smoothing Plane



Immaculately restored antique Stanley Baily No. 3 Type 19 circa 1948-1961 smoothing plane on offer. This smoothing plane was personally acquired in North Carolina and has been completely restored well beyond Stanley production line capabilities. This plane is an incredible sight and is genuinely satisfying to handle. The blade is full length indicating the plane saw very little use. Rich rosewood comprises the tote and knob. The tote and knob are finished in hand rubbed Danish oil with multiple coats of paste wax applied and buffed to a warm sheen. The lever cap has the original nickel plating in excellent condition. 

Stanley Bailey No. 4 Type 18 cir. 1946-1947 Smoothing Plane



Incredibly restored antique Stanley Baily No. 4c Corrugated Type 18 cir. 1946-47 smoothing plane on offer. This smoothing plane has been completely restored to a level far above any Stanley production plane. Rescued from rust belt of Florida humidity, this plane saw light use over its previous lifetime. Brought to me by the owner after having been handed down over 3 generations, the plane is waiting for the hands of a passionate wood worker to put it to use. 

Fulton No. 5272 Smoothing Plane

SOLD.  Now living in New Mexico and building fine furniture.


Now living in New Mexico and crafting fine furniture.

 Possibly  the finest plane of the Fulton line, the model 5272 was manufactured by  Millers Falls and available in the 1931-1934 Sears, Roebuck & Co.  catalogs. 

This is an extremely fine example of the Fulton model 5272.

Fowler No. 3 Smoothing Plane



 Fowler Hand Plane No. 3. Fowler planes were made by Peck, Stowe & Wilcox  (Pexto) and sold from 1925 to 1940.  This plane generates transparent shaving only a few  thousandths thick. 

Craftsman No. 5264 Jack Plane



 1951-54  Craftsman model 9-K-3743 Jack plane. 14" long, 2" cutter.  This  Craftsman hand plane from the early 50's highlighted the use of a  phenolic tote and knob.  This was the first time Sears had specified  this new plastics technology in a hand plane.    

Stanley Victor No. 3 Smoothing Plane


SOLD to collector

 Possibly a Stanley Victor plane, it was not possible to confirm the maker. This  plane underwent a full restoration and came away in stunning condition.  Highly polished and beautiful wood work, this plane performs as well as  any of the best planes. 

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Millers Falls No. 16 Block Plane



Now living in Hawaii.   Antique Millers Falls No. 16 block plane aka Stanley No. 9 ½. The Millers Falls No. 16 block plane was manufactured beginning in 1929 with production ending in 1971. It is 6” long with a 1 ⅝” wide cutting iron. The plane features an adjustable throat and Stanley type depth adjustment. The sole and cheeks of this plane have been hand lapped flat and highly polished to near mirror like finish.  The lateral adjustment lever has been re-plated in original nickel finish.  

Dunlap 3701 Type 1 circa 1937-1941 Block plane



 Produced by Millers Falls under the Dunlap name, a beautifully  restored 7” long plane with 1 ⅝” cutting iron. This is believed to be a Type 2 Dunlap 3701 Block plane cir. 1943-1956. 

Lakeside No. 227 Block plane cir. 1916-1918



 Beautiful Lakeside No. 227 block plane like Stanley No. 220. This Lakeside plane was manufactured by Sargent & Co. for the catalog retail giant, Montgomery Ward & Co. beginning around 1910. It is the Sargent #207 block plane. The East Indian rosewood knob on this Lakeside No. 227 plane combined with the horizontal screw depth adjustment indicates it was likely produced between 1917-1918, as found in the Montgomery Ward & Co. 1916 catalog. The sole and sides have been polished to a mirror like finish. 

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