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The premier source for information on  Fulton cast iron hand planes.  Developing type study, articles on model identification and history.  Hand plane refinishing.  Galleries of Fulton hand planes.  Restored planes for sale.

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Millers Falls Tools


Excellent resource for Millers Falls Tool Company hand planes.  Type studies, illustrations, bench, block and specialty plane details.

1943 Millers Falls Factory Tour Video


1943 film by employees of the Millers Falls Tool  Co. plant at “Erving Side”. It is hosted by local historians Ed Gregory  and Richard Shortell. Together, they provide an excellent narrative of  the technology and community surrounding this rare film. 

Ohio Tool Company


Hosted by the purveyor of one of the largest collection of Ohio hand planes.  Models, Type Study, plane for sale.  Developing web site for Ohio plane enthusiasts, collectors, or the curious.

Record Planes


 The definitive resource for Record planes online. Here you will  find a wealth of information, diagrams, statistics and photographs of  all the planes, routers and spoke shaves originally marketed by C & J  Hampton under the Record trade mark. 

Sargent & Others


Sargent planes and so much more.   Site host, Don Wilwol, literally wrote the book, or books, on Sargent hand planes.

Sargent Planes


Site dedicated to assisting  collectors, sellers and users in identifying the many types of  woodworking planes that were manufactured by Sargent & Company over a 77 year period from 1887 to 1964. 

Stanley Hand Plane Type Study Tool by Wood & Shop


The easiest to use, automated Stanley bench plane type study tool.   Quickly narrow down the era of your Stanley plane as you answer questions by the tool.

Stanley Type Study by Hyperkitten Tool Co.


 Site dedicated to vintage tools and woodworking. 

Stanley hand plane type study.

General information on Stanley Planes, the Harvey W. Peace company, and many vintage tool-related advertisements.

Vintage woodworking  hand tools over in the  Tools for Sale section. .  

WS Manufacturing Company Ltd., Birmingham, England


Relatively unknown 1900s hand plane manufacturer.  A site dedicated to collectors and enthusiasts interested in furthering a type study of this maker.

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