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Craftsman Type Study


Recently released collection of documented Craftsman bench and block plane features from the collection of Sears, Roebuck & Co. spanning 1928-1981.  This evolving work incorporates user contributions of hand plane feature photographs and direct observation to allow Craftsman hand planes owners to identify their Craftsman type, model and era for the first time.

Time Tested Tools



Vintage Tool Information and Restoration

Site operated by 

Don Wilwol, author, guru of Sargent planes and expert on everything else.

His books are required reference material for any collector.

Patrick's Blood & Gore


 A strange title to one of the most comprehensive bodies of research on Stanley hand planes. 

The Plane Dealer




Collector and Purveyor of Fine Vintage & Antique American Woodworking Planes

Owner, Operator, and CEO, Mark Nickel, has great breadth of knowledge, an amazing collection, and the ability to share his thoughts and insights in compelling blogs. 

Take the time and lose yourself in his website. You will be glad you stopped by.

Wood & Shop


Home of the best Stanley Bench Plane Type Study tool on the web.

 Information, blog, forum, store, and classroom instruction on all things wood working by hand.

Consider signing up for a class today!

Old Tool Heaven


 A directory to an encyclopedic study of the Millers  Falls Company, a hand tool manufacturer once located in Western Massachusetts.



The Stanley Bench Plane 

A Pictorial Type Study

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Fulton Tool Co.


The premier source for information on  Fulton cast iron hand planes.  Developing type study, articles on model identification and history.  Hand plane refinishing.  Galleries of Fulton hand planes.  Restored planes for sale.

Your already here! is your Fulton Tool Co. Headquarters



 The definitive resource for Record planes online. Here you will  find a wealth of information, diagrams, statistics and photographs of  all the planes, routers and spoke shaves originally marketed by C & J  Hampton under the Record trade mark. 

Ohio Tool Company


  Hosted by the purveyor of one of the largest collection of Ohio hand planes.  Models, Type Study, plane for sale.  Developing web site for Ohio plane enthusiasts, collectors, or the curious 

Union MFG Co.


Union collector, authority, and founder of the rebirth of Union MFG Co., Robert Porter has just published the first of a growing type study on Union hand planes.