fulton saws

Fulton 59040 12" Back Saw cir. 1909-1914

Restored original etching on saw plate

This Fulton model 59040 12" back saw was sold by Sears, Roebuck & Co. from 1909-1914.  This is the first saw I have restored.  The upper grip horn was gone and the plane was in need of straightening.  I restored the original plate etching.  See the video under VIDEOS on the home page.

Fulton 59020 26" Panel Saw cir. 1904-1911


Available from the Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog from 1940-1911, this is a 26" 12tpi panel saw awaiting restoration.  The original etch is intact but faded due to rust.  This saw is currently awaiting restoration.

Fulton 59020 24" Rip Saw cir. 1904-1911

Fulton 59020 24" Rip Saw cir. 1904-1911

The fully tuned 24" rip saw is another variety of the Fulton model 59020 rip saw.  It was available from 24'-30' length with 4-6 1/2 tpi.  This saw is very special.  It was hand tuned by renowned North America saw restorer Tom Laws.  I acquired it from his wife after Tom's passing.