Craftsman Plane Galleries

Craftsman 5264 cir. 1928-30 Smoothing Plane



This restored circa 1928-30 Craftsman plane was manufactured by Sargent Plane Co. It mirrors a Sargent Type 5 plane.

Sargent Type 5 identifying features seen in photographs include; inverted “U” bend lateral adjusting lever with bent disc, steel left hand depth adjusting nut, semi-round headed frog screws, smooth face round top frog, brass knob/tote nuts. 

Craftsman 3743 cir. 1951-54 Jack Plane



1951-54 Craftsman model 9-K-3743 Jack plane. 14" long, 2" cutter.  This Craftsman hand plane from the early 50's highlighted the use of a phenolic tote and knob.  This was the first time Sears has specified this new plastics technology in a hand plane.   

Craftsman 3732 cir. 1959 Low Angle Knuckle cap block plane


This unrestored Craftsman 3732 low angle knuckle cap block plane was manufactured by Sargent Plane Co. was only offered in the 1959 Spring Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog.  Sargent Plane Co. marketed the plane as a model 5607 from 1926-1950, examples are rare due to failure at the mouth of the plane.  Sears, Roebuck & Co. never offered the Sargent made 5607 during the 1929-1950 run.  It was produced by Sargent Plane Co. only under the Craftsman brand for a very limited period in the spring of 1959, making this a very uncommon Craftsman or Sargent plane. 

Dunlap Plane Galleries

Dunlap 3701 Type 2 Block Plane cir. 1943-56


Produced by Millers Falls under the Dunlap name, a beautifully restored 7” long plane with 1 ⅝” cutting iron. This is believed to be a Type 2 Dunlap 3701 Block plane cir. 1943-1956. Dunlap planes were a Sears, Roebuck and Co. house brand that replaced their earlier Fulton line. Dunlap planes were manufactured by Sargent, Millers Falls and Stanley. They were sold beginning in the fall of 1937 through fall of 1956. The Dunlap 3701 has a horizontal screw cutter adjustment.  A beautiful example of a 1940-50s era block plane presented in condition well beyond what a factory could profitably produce.

Dunlap 3739 cir. 1943-1956


This Dunlap 3739 Jack plane is currently under restoration.  Photos of the plane as acquired are available for viewing.  Watch for photos of the completed restoration soon. 


Dunlap planes were a Sears, Roebuck & Co.  "In-house" brand sold from 1937-1956.  Originally offering only Dunlap block planes in 1937, a line of Dunlap bench planes was introduced in 1939.  All Dunlap plane catalog sales ceased in 1956.  Dunlap planes were priced between Fulton and Craftsman line of planes when introduced as part of the continuing phase-out of the Fulton line of tools in favor of promoting the Craftsman brand of tools.  

Dunlap iron bench planes were only available in non-corrugated soles size #3-#6.  Current research indicates all Dunlap bench planes were produced by Millers Falls and feature cast iron frogs, and otherwise follow standard Stanley Bailey design.

Fowler Plane Galleries

Fowler No. 3 by Peck, Stowe & Wilcox cir. 1925-1940


Fowler Hand Plane No. 3. Fowler planes were made by Peck, Stowe & Wilcox (Pexto) and sold from 1925 to 1940.  Pexto planes have a formed steel frog as opposed to a cast iron frog.  This was a more cost effective way to produce planes for many "In-House" brand planes. Frog to bed fit can be finicky but with proper fettling, these planes can perform admirably.  This plane generates transparent shaving only a few thousandths thick.

Fulton Plane Galleries

Fulton 3700 cir. 1935-42


Fulton 3700 block plane circa 1935-1942.  This simple 7" long block plane featured a 1 5/8" cutting iron held fast by a wheel nut cap.  The simplest of block plane designs.  This particular plane has been restored and is a daily user as evidenced by the wear on the sole.  Evidence of Millers Falls origin is the stamped model number on the cheek of the plane, a distinct Millers Falls trait.  This was the Millers Falls model 87.  This plane was offered in the Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalogs from 1935 until 1942.

Fulton 5324 7 3/4" Double-ended Block Plane cir. 1912-32


The Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog offered a Fulton brand double-ended block plane from 1904 until 1932.  There were several variations in length ranging from 7 3/8" to 9 3/4" and cutting iron widths from 1 5/8" to 1 3/4".  As with Sargent, Stanley, and MIllers Falls plane manufacturers, there is little or nothing to differentiate years of manufacture.  The double-ended block plane design was unchanged from inception to cessation of production.  The Fulton double-ended block plane can be categorized into five production period as determined by length and cutting iron width. This plane is either a type 5324 cir. 1909, a type 5324 1912-1917, or a type 5253 cir. 1917-1932.  Without a large collection of such planes to compare features, it is unlikely further determination can be made.

Fulton 3733 "Household Plane" cir. 1940-41


The Fulton "Household" plane, model 3733, was offered in the 1940-43 Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalogs.  Distinguished from the "Bob-Jac" and "Jr. Jack" planes by the Japanned lever cap with a steel depth adjusting nut vs. brass adjusting nut.  The plane is equivalent in size to a Stanley No. 3 plane.  It  follows the standard Stanley Bailey design.  Manufactured by Millers Falls tools as evidenced by the "L" shaped lateral adjustment lever and "BB" mark on the cutting iron.

The pictured plane is the heirloom plane that started my journey on collecting and restoring antique hand planes.  Note the chipped cheek and missing leg of the "Y" yoke, the result of years of service in the hands of my grandfather. 

Fulton 5272 cir. 1931-34


Possibly the finest plane of the Fulton line, the model 5272 was manufactured by Millers Falls and available in the 1931-1934 Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalogs.

These No. 3 size planes are perfectly weighted with excellent frog to bed fit consistently producing whisper thin shavings and leaving behind a satin finish.  I have restored several Fulton 5272 planes and each one is a pleasure to work on, resulting in an outstanding tool.

This particular plane is believed to be from 1931 and now resides in the hands of a very creative wood working artist in Albuquerque, NM. 

Fulton 5329 Combination Plane


The Fulton 5329 Combination plane was manufactured by Sargent Plane Co. and offered from 1925-1927 in the Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalogs.

Curiously, the catalog copy advertised the plane as equipped with 25 cutters from 1925-1926 and only 23 cutters in the final offering of 1927.  The illustrations all reflect 23 cutting irons, but it is suspected the 2 slitters were being counted as cutters in the earlier copy.  This Fulton 5329 Combination plane in original pasteboard box is labeled with 54 cutters.  However, only the expected roll of 23 cutters is included.


Fulton 5534 Circular Adjustable Plane


Seemingly rare, to date I have only seen two Fulton 5534 Circular Adjustable planes offered for sale.  Circular or compass planes were not uncommon, but it appears the market was dominated by Stanley Rule & Level Co. and Sargent Plane Co. marked planes.

This Fulton 5534 Circular Adjustable plane has a virtually unused Fulton Tool Company trademarked cutting iron and over 98% of the original japanning.  The Fulton Tool Company cutting iron trademark dates this plane between 1913-1917.

The Fulton 5534 was manufactured by Stanley Rule & Level Co.  as evidenced by the twisted lateral adjustment lever used by Stanley on planes produced for other retailers.

This example is unrestored, but in pristine condition.


FULTON 5264 CIR 1917-1925


The corrugated version of the Fulton model 5264, this plane was available from Sears, Roebuck & Co. from 1917 through 1925. Read about the restoration.
















lakeside planes

LAKESIDE No. 227 cir. 1916-1918


 Beautiful Lakeside No. 227 block plane.  Patterned off the Stanley No. 220, this Lakeside plane was manufactured by Sargent & Co. for the catalog retail giant, Montgomery Ward & Co. beginning around 1910. It is the Sargent #207 block plane. The East Indian rosewood knob on this Lakeside No. 227 plane combined with the horizontal screw depth adjustment indicates it was likely produced between 1916-1918, as found in the Montgomery Ward & Co. 1916 catalog. 

millers falls



 Millers Falls No. 16 block plane was manufactured beginning in 1929 with production ending in 1971. It is 6” long with a 1 ⅝” wide cutting iron. The plane features an adjustable throat and Stanley type depth adjustment. The sole and cheeks of this plane have been hand lapped flat and highly polished to near mirror like finish.  The lateral adjustment lever has been re-plated in original nickel finish.



This plane is awaiting restoration.  Check back to review progress.


SIEGLEY StS No 7 Corrugated cir. 1909-27



Jacob Siegley, a New York, and later in life, Pennsylvania, cast iron plane maker from 1878-1901, sold his business, patents and name to Stanley Rule and Level Company in 1901. From 1901-1909 Stanley Rule & Level Company continued to produce Siegley planes largely following the Siegley patents. Beginning in 1909, Stanley produced a line of Siegley branded planes following the popular Bailey lever cap and double iron design until the Siegley name and associated planes were ended in 1927.

The Siegley SSS, STS, and SBS line of bench planes are products of this Stanley production and featured cutting irons carrying the Stanley Siegley trademarks. The STS, or Stanley Tapered Siegley plane, featured a unique Stanley produced tapered laid iron preferred by some craftsmen as pictured on this plane.


STANLEY BAILEY No. 4 TYPE 9 cir. 1902-1909


The first Stanley Bailey plane I restored, this plane is an amazing performer.  Badly rusted upon arrival, I invested many hours had lapping the sole to meet my expectations.  Beautiful rosewood tote and knob.



A twin to my restored Stanley bailey No. 4 Type 9, these planes are typically superior performers.  Once restored, I will have a difficult decision as to which of the twins stays in my  collection.

STANLEY BAILEY No. 4 TYPE 18 Corrugated cir. 1946-1947


One of my youngest planes, this corrugated plane belonged to a friend who asked if I could bring it back to life.  Handed down through generations, the plane collected serious rust during its life in Florida.

Now fully restored, it  will soon be in the hands of an appreciative wood worker.



My only example of an English made Stanley Bailey plane, it is in the original box.  The English made Stanley planes are post WWII planes and reflect cost cutting measures in construction.  We will see how this plane performs once it is tuned up.

STANLEY BAILEY #4 1/2 cir. 1888-1892


Early Stanley Bailey 4 1/2 plane from the late 1800's is a period correct tool for our historic home.  This plane has been previously restored and is is good overall condition.  A grove high on the cheek of one side is the only apology this plane has.

STANLEY BAILEY 608 BEDROCK TYPE 9 circa 1931-1932


Awaiting restoration is an intact Stanley Bailey 608  Bedrock Type 9 plane.   This 24" long jointer plane is in excellent condition with a light coating of surface rust.  Restoration of this plane is a few months  off.


STANLEY BAILEY No. 3 TYPE 6 cir. 1888-1892


A joy to restore, this Stanley Bailey No. 3 Type 6 is part of my permanent set of period correct tools used to maintain our historic northern Virginia home.  Both the plane and our home date to 1890.  I frequently take this plane to wood just for the sheer joy of it.

STANLEY BAILEY No. 3 TYPE 16 cir. 1933-1941


Part of a larger lot, this plane is undergoing full restoration complete with new nickel plating of the lever cap.  This plane will be better than new when completed and available for purchase.

STANLEY BAILEY No. 3 TYPE 19 cir. 1948-1961


Acquired as part of a pair of hand planes while visiting North Carolina, this plane is underwent full restoration and is being made available to an enthusiastic wood worker.  The Type 19 features all the evolutionary developments of the Stanley Bailey line.



Possibly a Stanley Victor plane, it was not possible to confirm the maker. This plane underwent a full restoration and came away in stunning condition. Highly polished and beautiful wood work, this plane performs as well as any of the best.  It was purchased by a well known collector and appears at shows.

more coming soon...