Links to Antique Tool information and Dealers

The Plane Dealer



Collector and Purveyor of Fine Vintage & Antique American Woodworking Planes

Owner, Operator, and CEO, Mark Nickel, has great breadth of knowledge, an amazing collection, and the ability to share his thoughts and insights in compelling blogs. 

Take the time and lose yourself in his website. You will be glad you stopped by.

Time Tested Tools


Vintage Tool Information and Restoration

Site operated by 

Don Wilwol, author, guru of Sargent planes and expert on everything else.

Wood and Shop

Home of the best Stanley Bench Plane Type Study tool on the web.

 Information, blog, forum, store, and classroom instruction on all things wood working by hand 

Links to Antique Tool information and Dealers

Jim Bode Tools


We travel the world sourcing great antique tools so you don’t have to!

The Vintage Tool Shoppe

 Yesterday's Tools For Today's Craftsman 

NH Plane Parts

 The Service and Parts You Have Become Accustomed To 

Bob Kaune Antique & Used Tools

Large selection of quality,  ready to use vintage hand tools: planes, scrapers, spokeshaves, chisels, slicks, adzes, drawknives, saws, braces, drills, levels, rules, squares, bevels, parts and other hard to find items.   STANLEY BED ROCK PLANES are a specialty.  

Old Tool Heaven

 This page serves as directory to an encyclopedic study of the Millers  Falls Company, a hand tool manufacturer once located in Western Massachusetts.

Stanley rule and level resources

Patrick's Blood & Gore

A strange title to one of the most comprehensive bodies of research on Stanley hand planes.

Rex Mill

Hand Plane 101

The Stanley Bench Plane

A Pictorial Type Study

new tools

Thomas Flinn: Woodworking tools for the discerning craftsman


Manufacturer of Clifton Planes.  Among the finest in the world.

Tools for Working Wood


"Invest in your craft. Invest in yourself."

Purveyor of the finest wood working hand tools.  U.S. source for Clifton planes at competitive prices.

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks


Home to the finest Maine sourced, American made hand planes and saws.

Blue Spruce Toolworks


Quality hand tools.  Some of the finest heirloom tools made in the U.S.

Florip Toolworks



Craftsmanship names an enduring, basic human impulse, the desire to do a job well for its own sake.

Individually handmade woodworking tools.

Lee Valley Tools


Everything for the beginning to expert woodworker.  U.S. source for Veritas tools.